Hit It Rich Free Coins

Hit it Rich is one of the best available casino games on mobile phones and Facebook. It was developed by one the famous game developer Zynga. Zynga created lots of other notable games for online users. Someone plays an online game for money, and someone looks for fun. Behind money and fun this game offers you grooming of your mind too. Get your Hit it Rich free coins here.

 Hit it Rich free coins

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Facebook fan page collect the details of potential users who willing to join soon. It is one of the most downloaded games on iPad in February 2014.

It provides you with a variety of tracks without any need to unlock the game. These all tracks are free to use initially, but you if intend to win money you need to use additional service of Hit it Rich. Zynga launches it recently. Zynga is an American based online game developer who is very well-known for its FarmVille online game creation. Zynga created a mind-blowing record of reaching 10 million daily active users within the six weeks after the launch of FarmVille.

Its interactive user interface attracts lots of potential gamers from the first impression. Hit It Rich music, and sound quality is also impressive. It differentiates it from others cheap games. It has themes like “Beetle Bailey,” ”Blondie,” ”what’s cooking” and “Splendor of Rome” tracks. You can activate bonus rounds – if you find three bonus symbols on solid lines.

You can earn extra coins by referring your friend. It is also the unique advantage of playing this game. As long as your game proceeds you advance to next level with maximum bets. You also are eligible for a loyalty program as your game level advances.

There are some commercial themes which you can look upon to buy. These themes are The Wizard of Oz, The Terminator and also FarmVille 2. Here we have five levels to play: from Tin to Platinum. Tournament play, achievements lists, and large lobby allow sharing your experience on Facebook.

Your great victories can be shared on Facebook, and you can invite or challenge your friends come and participate in this game. This game is available in various languages like English, Dutch, French, and German, etc. You must download this online game on your phone to have fun with real enjoyments. You will have so much fun and thrills while playing this game.